Monday, December 13, 2010

Peter's Gourmade Grill-Closed

Peter's Gourmade Grill
16851 McFadden Ave

Update Dec 26, 2010: The owner of Peter's Gourmade Grill threatened to get my Yelp account taken away. Why? They got my Yelp review taken away, when I gave Peter's Gourmade one star because they never answered their phone. Now, stupid Yelp, gave the reason, I didn't have first hand experience with the business. Well, trying to call, during listed open hours, and not getting an answer is first hand experience. If you call a restaurant or any business and they do not answer the phone, what are you thinking? They are closed, right?

As I mentioned in my review, the day I went, the lady was talking to a friend, who was sitting at the bar. Why they can't answer their phone is beyond me. What is worse is all the excuses she gave me, we're busy.

The fact that any business owner can get reviews changed or removed from Yelp, proves Yelp reviews are not fair and unbiased.

I will not go to Peter's Gourmade again. Bad service isn't something I want to return to. They need to learn about simple customer service, answering the phone.

Update: Since writing this review, the owner contacted me. We talked about them not answering the phone during business hours. She assured me, they are open during their listed hours, even though they do not answer the phone. Their hours are 11am-3pm and 6pm-10pm. That means they are closed from 3pm to 6pm. They also have a website: Peter's Gourmade.

I find it refreshing that an owner wants to do things right and cares about customer service. I've always said, it's not so much making a mistake, it's how you handle the mistake. Since I love the burgers, I will be back soon.

When I first heard about Peter's Gourmade Grill in the Orange County Register, and I was looking forward to trying it. A gourmet burger place, in a gas station, sounded like a great hidden gem.

The owner is a classically trained chef, who worked at some top restaurants and then opened up his own restaurant.

There are about five chairs for people to eat, but this is mainly a take out location.

I got the swiss mushroom, bacon burger, $4.75, angus burger with swiss cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, and onions.

WOW, this burger was great. I loved it. But, the first bite was a bit bland. But the next bite, a huge burst of flavor. The swiss cheese, the tender mushrooms, the bacon, the angus beef just worked so well together. The bun helped up well to the burgers and all the toppings. Some parts of the bacon was undercooked, but otherwise, this was a great burger.

Service, was very good while ordering. The lady, greeted me when I walked up and was nice and friendly.

My issue with Peter's Gourmade is that they never answer their phone. I always call before trying a new place, to make sure they are still in business and/or opened. I've learned because there were some restaurants on my list, that by the time I wanted to go there, the restaurant was out of business.

But, I tried to call Peter's Gourmade, three times last week, during the hours listed on Yelp, and on their answering machine; but all three times, nobody answered the phone. Tustin is a bit far for me to drive for nothing. But, today I figured, I would go and if they were not opened and there was no sign saying why they were closed, I would take pictures and then give a bad review. Luckily, they were open.

But, while I was waiting for my burger, the girl was talking to one of her friends, who was sitting at the counter. If she has time to talk to a friend, she needs to find time to answer the phone. I went around noon, and it was a bit busy but I can't imagine it was that busy the three days I called last week, that they couldn't answer the phone.

I did find out, the phone number listed is a cell number and you can text in your order. That's fine, since I've already been there, but if it's your first time it's hard to know what you want, since there is no online menu. I was informed by the owner, that Peter's Gourmade, does have a website: Peter's Gourmade.

I'm a big fan of Peter's Gourmade and I love their burgers. I believe it's the best burger in Orange County. I will be back, but if they are closed, at a time when they are suppose to be open and there is no sign, you can be sure I'll let readers of The New Diner know about it.