Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fratello's Pizza & Pasta

Fratello's Pizza & Pasta
1667 N. Mountain Ave.

David Allen is one of my sources for new restaurants. He will review restaurants in the western Inland Empire area. I have found many good restaurants through him. So, when I read his review about Fratello's Pizza & Pasta, it quickly got on my list of restaurants to try. While it took me awhile to go there, I finally made it, on a rainy day.

Fratello's Pizza & Pasta is located in a very dark strip mall, off Mountain Ave. I saw they had a special through Yelp, a large pizza for the price of a small, $9.99. So I called and placed an order. The guy gave me great directions and what to look for, and I was able to find the restaurant.

Large, 16in, pizza with half sausage and half pepperoni, $9.99 with Yelp special, that was posted on Dec. 17, 2010.

This is a medium crust pizza. The crust was well baked, chewy, good texture and held up well to the toppings.

The toppings were pretty good. I loved the amount of cheese on the pizza. Good quality cheese that was well melted. The pepperoni was better than the sausage. The pepperoni, which averaged about 3-5 pieces per slice, had a nice spice and flavor. The sausage was a bit bland, lacked fennel seeds and any flavor.

Service was good. The lady who took my order greeted me and was nice and friendly. But, the Yelp special does not mention anything about printing out a copy of the special. When I called to place my order, the guy wanted me to print out the Yelp page. Now, it wasn't really an issue, I have a printer. But, they should put that on the Yelp page. If I had not called in my order, and I just mentioned the Yelp ad, there may have been issues.

Overall, I like the pizza at Fratello's, I liked the pepperoni better than the sausage. But, overall this is a very good pizza place.