Thursday, December 23, 2010

Southern Wok-Closed

Southern Wok
1110 S Long Beach Blvd.

I was driving along Long Beach Blvd, in Compton and noticed a sign that said Chinese and Cajun food. So I decided to give their Cajun food a try. This is your normal steam tray Chinese food restaurant. Their Cajun menu consists of fried chicken, fried fish and shrimp and boiled shrimp.

I decided I want fried chicken, so I got a breast piece, $1.49. This piece of chicken was cooked to order and the skin was very crispy. The seasoning was almost to the point of being too salty but, I liked the seasoning. The chicken was moist but not all that tender and a bit rubbery. The chicken was average.

Service was very good. The guy taking my order was nice and helpful.

The Chinese food looked pretty good, so next time I'm in the area, I will give the Chinese food a try or I may get the fried shrimp and fish. I doubt I would order the fried chicken again.