Sunday, January 02, 2011

Chinese Friends Restaurant

Chinese Friends Restaurant
984 N Broadway
Los Angeles

Yes, the majority of the good Chinese restaurants has moved east to cities like San Gabriel, Arcadia, Rowland Heights. But, Chinatown still has some good Chinese restaurants.

Chinese Friends is leaning towards becoming Americanized Chinese food, but I wouldn't rate Chinese Friends among the best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, but a solid restaurant.

Shanghai style fried thick noodles, $5.55. I did really like this dish. Chinese cabbage, sliced pork, and thick noodles, were well seasoned, full of flavor and left me wanting more. The noodles were cooked perfectly. The pork was lean, had good flavor with soy sauce, onions, and ginger. A steal and a great price for $5.55.

Shrimp and broccoli, $10.95. As well seasoned and prepared as the noodles were, the shrimp and broccoli was bland and not good at all. This had a plain thin white sauce, that lacked any kind of seasoning and flavor. The shrimp was cut into smaller pieces making it look as though there was a lot of shrimp. The broccoli was crispy, though they could have stayed in the wok a bit longer. Besides being bland, I thought this was a bit overpriced!

Service is good. Nice servers and owners. Chinese Friends is closed on Tuesdays. I learned the hard way, and planned a dinner with a friend, on a Tuesday, and they were closed!!

I wouldn't be opposed to going back to Chinese Friends, but it wouldn't be my first choice for restaurants in Chinatown. If I had to pick my favorite restaurant in Chinatown, it would be Master Chef.