Monday, November 29, 2010

Pee Wee's Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers-Closed

Pee Wee's Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers
5942 E Edinger Ave
Ste 104
Huntington Beach

Simple customer service can go a long way. If people open a restaurant and lack customer service skills, they need to learn them quickly or get out of the business. The most basic customer service is just greeting customers with a simple; "Hi." How hard can that be?

For Pee Wee's Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, it was too hard. The hot dogs are pretty good but customer service sucks.

Polish dog, $4.95- Mattern Polish sausage with mustard and onions on a baguette. I know I picked the polish, but then I got to thinking, I could just go to Mattern Sausage and Meats, and get a damn Polish sausage. I didn't have to drive all the way to Huntington Beach in the middle of pretentious jerk people.

The polish was grilled, with a good char. The sausage was fine, but when I got out to eat, I want something that I can't make myself. I could have gone to Mattern and grilled up the Polish, for much less.

The baguette was nice and soft, with a chewy texture. I like the baguette but it did overwhelm the sausage, even though the sausage was 1/3lb.

I'm not sure but maybe all their signature hot dogs and sausage are from Mattern. If so what's the point of going here?

Classic hot dog, Vienna beef hot dog, mustard and onions; $2.75. The hot dog was ok, but a bit overcooked, too much char. But Vienna beef hot dogs are good quality and this was no different. The bun was straight out of the bag, not toasted, but it was fine.

Service was below average. I don't believe that asking to be greeted when I walked into a restaurant, is asking too much. I walked in and there were two people in front of the counter, I asked if they had ordered, they had, and went to the lady behind the counter. She looked at me but never greeted me, never said one word to me. I placed my order, she asked if I wanted fries with my order, I didn't, and then gave me the total. Greeting me would have been nice and that's something all restaurants should do.

While I was eating, she came out to clean the area and she noticed me taking pictures of the hot dogs. She must have thought the pics were going on that other food review site, because when I left, she said Thank you for coming. Now, I bet she would have never said that, if she hadn't seen me take pictures. I mean, I was standing right in front of her and she didn't even greet me, so I know she lacks any kind of customer service skills. The only reason she thanked me, was in the hopes of getting a good review. Well, that didn't happen.

I wouldn't go to this place ever again. Bad customer service and a polish sausage that I can get from the source, why should I bother coming back?