Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tacos Baja-Closed

Tacos Baja
853 E Rte 66

If this address sounds familiar, it should; this used to be the location for Bam Bam BBQ, a terrible BBQ place that closed down. Lucky a very good fish tacos restaurant, Tacos Baja, has replaced it. I already reviewed the Tacos Baja in East LA, and loved their fish tacos. When I found out Tacos Baja opened a location Glendora and has a 99 cent fish taco night, on Wednesday, I couldn't wait to go.

Fish tacos, 99 cents on Wednesday, regular price; $1.59. The fish used is basa fish, sometimes called white roughy. It's a light, mild flavor fish. The batter is nice and light and crispy. The white sauce, pico de gallo, cabbage, and hot sauce was all fresh and worked well together. The corn tortilla was heated, I can't believe some places do not heat their tortillas, and held everything together.

Service is below average. The lady was just going through motions. No idea the meaning of customer service; no greeting the customers, not being polite or friendly.

I didn't notice any different between the tacos here in Glendora or East LA. The service is much better in East LA. But I would go back to Glendora, since it is closer to me. But, I hope I get much better service.