Monday, November 08, 2010

Dog Haus

Dog Haus
105 N Hill Ave
Ste 104

I've never thought of Pasadena as a hot dog location. But there are now, three hot dog places within miles of Lake and the 210 freeway, that have opened in 2010. Dog Haus, Big City Hot Dogs, and Slaw Dogs.

I decided to try both, Dog Haus and Big City, since both are within two miles of each other.

I got a regular hot dog, with snap, with yellow mustard and raw onions, $2.74. I want to judge the taste of the hot dog and see how it rates before piling on all the toppings. I prefer a hot dog in natural casing, I love that snap and burst of flavor from a hot dog.

This hot dog is pretty damn good, with a very good snap, well mixtures of seasonings and good meat. The hot dogs are steamed and served warm. I would prefer the hot dog to be served hot. I would also prefer my hot dogs on a bun, not on a Hawaiian bread roll. I like Hawaiian bread but not on a hot dog, these sweetness of the bread, doesn't work well with a hot dog.

Service is good. Nice friendly people. There are very nice on the phone too. When I first found out about Dog Haus, I looked on that stupid review site and they had the wrong phone number listed. I called two days in a row, Sunday and Monday, with no answer. I thought maybe they closed. But then I found their website and I got the correct phone number. I called, they answered, and I told them about the error on their Yelp page. The guy said "Sorry" well it wasn't his fault, and I didn't call to complain, I called to see if they were opened and to let him know about the STUPID yelp, error. He knew about the error, but he thanked me for letting them know about the error.

I would go back to Dog Haus, because the hot dog is very good, but I'm not sold on the Hawaiian bread.