Monday, November 08, 2010

Big City Hot Dogs-Closed

Big City Hot Dogs
39 N Arroyo Pkwy

Big City was my second stop on my hot dog tour of Pasadena, after going to Dog Haus. which is next just a couple miles west. Slaw Dogs is about two miles away.

Big City has hot dogs named after; big cities such as; New York, Chicago, LA, Atlanta, and Detroit.

I didn't see any plain hot dog options, so I got the New York City hot dog, $4.12, with sauerkraut and red onion sauce. The hot dogs here are 1/2lb dogs that are steamed. First bite and I wasn't impressed. No snap, but worse of all, the hot dog was mushy, bland and just plain bad. Whatever mixture of seasonings and meat they use, it's not working. The hot dog tastes the same as some supermarket brand hot dogs. Very disappointing.

The sauerkraut, was very good. Served warm, was tangy, and they used good quality cabbage. The red onion sauce was basically onions in some tomato sauce, not flavorful at all.

Service was good. The kid working was nice and friendly.

I would not go back to Big City Dog Hause. Costco is a better and cheaper option.