Saturday, October 02, 2010

European Deli and Bakery

European Deli and Bakery
722 S. Grand Ave.

After going to Spaghetti Eddie's, I noticed European Deli and Bakery and decided to give them a try, because I was craving a polish sausage.

European Deli isn't really a sit down restaurant, but more of a deli/market that has a few tables. This reminded me of Mattern Sausage and Meats, but European Deli is more Polish than German, like Mattern, but they do have a large selection of Eastern European cold cuts and foods. But I did find it weird they sold some sausage made/sold by Mattern!!

So I got the polish sausage plate, with hot potato salad, sauerkraut, and bread, $8.99. I loved this. The hot potato salad was unique because I'm used to cold potato salad. But this was great. Very tender, well seasoned potatoes. The sauerkraut was awesome, finely cut pieces of cabbage that wasn't too tangy,

But what I really liked was the polish sausage. Like the sign outside said the sausages are made in Chicago and fresh. I bought a package of sausage that was produced about five days before, in Chicago, that's fresh!! The sausage is pork with a good blend of spices. A wonderful natural casing!!

Service is OK. They are a bit slow but friendly. It was very busy when I was there, with people coming in for deli meats and sausage.

This reminds me, I need to go back to Polka, for some good Polish food!!

I would go back to European Deli and Bakery anytime. The next time I may try a sandwich.