Tuesday, October 05, 2010

JR Bistro-Closed

JR Bistro
750 N Hill St
Ste F
Los Angeles

Chinatown in Los Angeles. The on going myth, is that there isn't any good Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. They say you need to go to cities in the San Gabriel Valley to get good Chinese food. The New Diner has reviewed restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley; some good, some bad. The New Diner has reviewed a few restaurants, like, Master Chef, Golden City, and Fullhouse, in Chinatown, some good, some not so good.

I heard about JR Bistro's $10 lobster and crab specials and wanted to give them a try.

Pan fried dumplings,$6.25. These dumplings were filled with ground pork and chives. They were pretty bland, lacked flavor, and just not tasty. They could have fried the dumplings a little longer. The skin was pretty good, with a nice texture. Otherwise, I wouldn't order this again.

Calamari with spicy garlic salt, $7.95. Loved the lightly batter that covered the fresh calamari, that was fried golden brown. But I didn't like the saltiness of this dish, very salty, they could have cut the salt in half and it would have been great. But a heavy hand with the salt shaker, made this dish, just ok.

Seafood lo mein, $7.95. WOW was this good. The noodles were cooked perfectly, soft and flavorful. The seafood, shrimp and squid, was fresh and well cooked. Maybe my favorite dish.

Chicken with fresh mushrooms, $7.95. If the seafood lo mein, wasn't my favorite dish, the chicken with fresh mushrooms, was my favorite. The chicken was sliced thin and cooked perfectly-tender and flavorful. They added celery, carrots, and snow peas, which were also cooked perfectly. The mushrooms, were fresh and just wonderful. A great dish and well worth the price.

Lobster special with ginger and green onions, $9.99. The reason I came here. The lobster was about a pound and cut into smaller pieces. I got the lobster cooked with ginger and green onions. The sauce was a bit salty, again heavy handed with the salt shaker, but the lobster was fresh and very tasty. This is a steal. You won't find a better deal anywhere.

Service was OK. It wasn't anything bad, but nothing memorable, either.

I would go back to JR Bistro again. There are some good Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. I will say Chinatown does lack good dumplings.