Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fullhouse Seafood Restaurant

Fullhouse Seafood Restaurant
963 N Hill St
Los Angeles

I came here with eight other people, seven of who were nice and friendly. One person I hope I don't see again. I understand that Full House is owned by the same people who own Master Chef. Golden City is across the street.

Baked pork chop with special sauce, $7.95. This wasn't a good dish at all. The pork chops were so fatty and the sauce was just too sweet. I would stay away from this dish.

Shrimp fried rice, $6.95. Lots of nicely cooked shrimp, some scrambled eggs and very little peas. This was well worth the price since it was flavorful and a had a ton of shrimp.

Whole sole with green onion and soy sauce, with ginger and onions, $22. Maybe my favorite dish. Pricey, yes but nice flavor and well cooked sole.

Beef chow fun, $7.95. I gave up red meat for Lent so I didn't eat the beef. But the noodles, onions, bean sprouts, and the soy sauce was a great combination of flavors. A very good dish.

Chinese brocoli with oyster sauce, $7.25. I normally don't like oyster sauce but for some reason I liked this dish. The brocoli was crispy and just full of flavor.

Whole steamed,cold chicken, $18. Interesting dish. A steamed chicken that is chilled and served cold. I thought it was fine but I couldn't help thinking it would have been great, if this was a hot dish.

Honey walnut shrimp, $13.95. About the same was Master Chef's honey walnut shrimp. Good stuff but a little on the sweet side.

Fried shrimp with spicy salt, $10.50. The shrimp were a bit overcooked but nice flavor.

Service was OK. The hostess is really a bitch. I couldn't believe how rude she was. I made a reservation and got there about 20 minutes before my time. I told the hostess, I am here and my reservation time, but I wanted to meet my group at the door and not at the table. She asked, in a very rude way, "What time is your party arriving?" Hello stupid, I just told you my reservation time, look it up.

The servers were nice and the food came out quickly.

I think Master Chef is still the best between the two restaurants.