Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blue Star Diner

Blue Star Diner
2200 E 15th St
Los Angeles

I only went to the Blue Star Diner because I had volunteered at the LA Regional Food Bank, earlier that day and was looking for something to eat. Located in a very industrial part of LA, Blue Star Diner doesn't look like much from the outside. Inside there are dogs, who belong to the owner, running around. Doesn't sound like a very clean place, but they did get an A rating from the health department the day I went.

I ordered the oven roasted turkey sandwich, toasted wheat bread, lettuce, tomato and mayo, $8.50, with a side of mac and cheese, $2 extra. The sandwich came out and while it was good, it wasn't outside. The wheat bread was lightly toasted, the veggies fresh, the turkey was a bit dry and they could have put more mayo on the sandwich.

The mac and cheese looked good but there was so much black pepper it just ruined the taste. They put coarse ground pepper in the mac and cheese and it just ruined it. The macaroni was nice and soft but the cheese barely there. I think from the picture it looks like a mac salad, not mac and cheese. Wasn't worth the $2 extra price.

Service was good considering the situation. I was part of a large group and there was only one server and she was overwhelmed. But she worked hard and did the best she could. Anybody who would expect super fast service in this situation is an idiot.

I would not go back to the Blue Star Dinner. The food is average and a bit on the pricey side. There are better ways to spend $17 for lunch.