Monday, September 27, 2010

Spaghetti Eddie's

Spaghetti Eddie's Italian Restaurant
946 S Grand Ave

I was craving for some spaghetti and decided to try Spaghetti Eddie's. I have driven by Spaghetti Eddie's, so many times but since Italian food is not a favorite of mine, I never stopped in. But I finally went last night.

I got the chicken parmigiana, $15.99 with salad. The salad was just load with mozzarella cheese, which I like on a pizza, but not in a salad. The salad was fresh but I couldn't get past the large amount of cheese.

The chicken parmigiana was rubbery, overcooked, tough, chewy, and just not good at all. It was a good sized portion but come on, don't overcook the damn thing.

The marinara sauce was pretty good. A mild flavor, none of this spicy or tangy marinara sauce I've had before. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly, al dente.

Service was good. Our server was nice and friendly. We got refills without asking and didn't lack for anything.

I went to Spaghetti Eddie's because my friend had a coupon. I would not have been happy paying full price for the chicken parmigiana. I would not order the chicken parmigiana again but I would be willing to go back and try the spaghetti, since I liked the marinara sauce.