Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yang Chow

Yang Chow
819 N Broadway
Los Angeles

Yang Chow is an American style Chinese restaurant. It's the mom and pop version of PF Chang's. Now, if you judge Yang Chow and PF Chang's for what they are; Americanized Chinese food, they do a very good job. And that's how they should be judged and reviewed. I don't understand why people try to make them something they are not. Judge them for what they are!!

I went with about 10 other people and we had some good food.

Slippery shrimp;$14.25. This is their specialty. The slippery shrimp is basically a lemon shrimp. The shrimp was coated in a crunchy batter and then topped wiht a lemon sauce. I liked this dish but it was bordering on being a bit to sweet. I liked the portion size and the freshness of the shrimp.

Sauteed string beans, $9.75. This was very well cooked with some garlic. The string beans were crunchy, they could have cooked for a few more minutes and come out softer. But overall I liked this dish.

Hot and spicy beef shreds, $10.75. This had well cooked, carrots and celery and long pieces of sliced beef. The beef was pretty tender and flavorful.

Tofu with black bean $9.75, with celery and black bean. The tofu was pan fried then topped with the sauce. I liked the outside texture of the fried tofu. Good flavor throughout this dish.

Sauteed sliced chicken breast, $10.75. Yang Chow must use a ton of carrots and celery because almost every dish we order had both. The chicken was fairly tender, a good sized portion, and a nice mild sauce.

Lamb with scallion, $11.75. I tried a little of this dish. I don't usually eat lamb but this was pretty good. Nice flavorful tender pieces of lamb,

Spicy Hunan beef, $11.75. Other than beef and broccoli, Hunan beef is the ultimate Americanized Chinese dish. This had a nice sauce and tender pieces of beef.

Service was good. The owner is a very nice and friendly man, who is trying to be a comic. You'll love his jokes!!

I enjoyed my meal at Yang Chow. I would have no problems going back there. But I do think prices are a bit high, maybe higher than PF Chang's, though the portions are good sized.

Again judge Yang Chow and PF Chang's for what they are, Americanized Chinese food. Don't expect authentic Chinese food at these places.