Friday, September 24, 2010

Tortas Mexico

Tortas Mexico
6231 Foothill Blvd

As with Sunland, Tujunga is not a "city" but a community that is part of the city of Los Angeles. I read some good things about Tortas Mexico and decided to give them a try. Huge mistake.

This is the two mini taco combination, $5.80, with fish and carne asada tacos, with rice and beans.

When I ordered the fish taco, I was expecting the Baja style fish taco, deep fried. But this was grilled talapia. It was ok but not was I was expecting.

The carne asada taco was so salty, I couldn't get over the saltiness of the taco. The actual meat was pretty tender but the only flavor I got was the salt. There was a good amount of carne asada but the regular price is $1.45, which is higher than many other taco places that have better tacos.

I normally don't eat the beans but I really liked the beans here. Full of flavor, tender, very moist, not dry at all.

Service was good, but bad. The good, the lady who took my order was nice and friendly. But what wasn't good, was the their pricing. Taped to the counter is their lunch special which includes the two tacos for $5 but 60 cents extra for fish or shrimp. My total came to $5.80 before tax. So the actual break down is $5.50 for the two taco special and 30 cents for the fish.

I really wish restaurants would honor their posted prices!!

My food trip to Corsica in Sunland and Tujunga were a complete waste of time. I feel bad for the people who live in these two commmunities, who have to drive a good distance for good food.