Monday, October 25, 2010

Carnaby St Fish & Chips

Carnaby St Fish & Chips
1627 N Hacienda Blvd
La Puente

I was really hoping to find a fish and chips place, that is as good as my favorite fish and chips place; England Fish and Chips, but closer to me, than Long Beach. So I was looking forward to trying Carnaby St Fish & Chips in La Puente and seeing how they compare to England Fish and Chips.

Located in a huge shopping center, Carnaby St Fish & Chips, is a hole in the wall, restaurant. They are frying the fish right in front of you.

Lunch special; one piece fish, three pieces of shrimp, three pieces of zucchini, and fried rice; $5.25. I thought this was a great deal.

The fish is cod, always the best fish to use for fried fish. But the batter was too heavy because this wasn't crunchy or crispy, it was soggy and greasy. Maybe they need to turn up the heat in those fryers. I did think the cod was good, cut thinner than England but about the same weight.

The shrimp had the same batter as the fish. The batter didn't even stick to the shrimp, they fell apart after a bite. The shrimp was fine.

I didn't touch the zucchini, which also had the same batter as the fish and shrimp.

The fried rice was cooked to order and had some eggs, celery, and a tangy taste to it. I didn't really care for it, but I wouldn't it was included in the price.

Service is below average. When I walked to the counter, they didn't bother to greet me. They were cooking something else. The lady who took my order was just going through the motions. When I got my food, they didn't bother to say thank you or have a nice day.

I wasn't impressed at all with Carnaby St Fish & Chips. The fish, while cooked to order was soggy and greasy. They do have good prices but if the food isn't good, why bother going back?