Saturday, October 23, 2010


2250 N Garey Ave

I love history and historical things. So when David Allen wrote a story about this Arby's, I wanted to do a review and mention the history of Arby's to readers of The New Diner.

Why is this Arby's historic? It is one, of about ten, remaining Arby's that have BOTH the "Conestoga wagon" building and the ten-gallon hat sign. There are still many places that have the ten-gallon hat sign, but very few with the both!! In fact there is an Arby's in Azusa that has the ten-gallon hat sign, but the building is a modern structure. An interesting note, Pomona's second Arby's location, at 1175 E. Holt Ave., which is now King's Teriyaki, still has the chuck wagon building, but the 10-gallon hat is long gone.

This Arby's opened up in January, 1970 and is still going strong. But, Allen infers that this Arby's maybe renovated very soon.

I won't really go into detail about the food at Arby's. It is what it is. I only got two items on their $1 value menu. Both were fine.

I got the Jr. roast beef sandwich, $1. Filled with thinly sliced roast beef. Everybody knows this is processed roast beef. But it it what it is.

I also got the ham and cheese melt, $1. Filled with thinly sliced ham and melted, what seemed like nacho cheese, this sandwich was fine.

Service was pretty good. The manager of the store took my order. I was a bit surprised because it's usually a regular employee who takes the orders.

I hope Arby's keeps this location, exactly like it is. I love seeing the combination of the ten-gallon hat sign and the Conestoga wagon building.

Update Oct. 28, 2010: I got an email, from a loyal The New Diner reader, who said there is another Arby's with the chuckwagon building and ten-gallon hat sign combo, in Huntington Beach. Just imagine, two of the ten remaining locations, with the chuckwagon building and ten gallon hat sign, within about 45 minutes of each other. I will do a review of the Huntington Beach location soon.

Update Nov. 30, 2010- Arby's in Huntington Beach.

I drove by the Huntington Beach location and just took pictures of the building. All Arby's are the same, no reason to eat there again.

But I also found another location that has the chuckwagon building and ten-gallon hat sign combo, in Buena Park or La Palma on Lincoln. Hopefully, I will have pictures of that location, soon.

7942 Edinger Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647