Monday, August 30, 2010

Maggie's Pub

Maggie's Pub
11900 Telegraph Rd
Santa Fe Springs

So, back to reviewing restaurants in new cities. I read about a British pub in Santa Fe Springs and figure I should head down there. As readers of The New Diner know, I judge fish and chips by how they compare to England Fish and Chips in Long Beach. You can't beat the prices and quality of their cod fish and chips.

I ordered the fish and chips, $9.99, which are called Sherlock Holmes on the menu. I got this to go but ate the fish and chips in my car. The fish is cod, which I think is the best fish to use, for fish and chips. I like the dense, chewy texture of cod.

What I did not like about the fish and chips at Maggie's, was the sogginess. It was clear the fish was under heat lamps for a long time. That meant the batter, got real soggy. The fish itself was cooked perfectly. But the batter just ruined it for me. This could have been a good fish and chips, but they need to cook them to order, not having them sit under heat lamps.

The fries were run of the mill, fries. But I could care less about the fries, when I'm ordering fish and chips.

Service by the hostess and a server, who told me about the pub, was great. When I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and a friendly hello. The hostess directed me to the bar, so I can place my to go order. The service from the bartender was bad. He wasn't helpful, had attitude and gave the impression he had other things to do. That's fine, I have other ways to spend my money, that would have gone to his tip. While waiting for my order, I looked around and a server, said Hi and asked if this was my first time at Maggie's. He then showed me the banquet room and answered a few questions. Very nice and helpful.

I wanted to like Maggie's but I wasn't impressed. The fish and chips were so soggy, I was eating the fish and no batter. I didn't order a piece of cod, I ordered fish and chips. I may give Maggie's another try but I'm not in that area too often.