Sunday, August 29, 2010

Northridge Fish & Chips

Northridge Fish & Chips
10336 Reseda Blvd

So, I've broken my streak of reviewing restaurants in new cities, by going Northridge. That reminds me, the Valley is part of LA. There is no city named Northridge or Sherman Oaks or Van Nuys; they are all govern by the city of Los Angeles, the correct name for them are communities. So that brings up the question, should I do reviews of in different communities of the Valley? I'm not going to make a big effort, since the Valley is pretty far from me, but if I'm in the area, I may make an effort to go to different communities in the Valley. I think I'm missing Granada Hills, Porter Ranch, Valley Village, North Hills, and West Hills. But those last three communities are snobs, who broke away from Van Nuys and Woodland Hills.

I heard about Northridge Fish and Chips and figured I would give them a try. What is funny, is that I have past this location all the time but never stopped in. So I figured it was time.

I know for some people, fish and chips, are a combo. But I don't eat fries that much and I could care less about them. Give me the fish. If the fish is great and the fries are bad, will that stop me from going to a fish and chips restaurant? Of course not.

Two piece fish only, $1.90 each. The fish is pollock and are cooked to order. They have a nice, light, crunchy batter. Pollock isn't as good as cod but this pollock was good, light flakey, and good flavor. A good sized portion and well worth the price.

Service is good. The owner was the only person working and he was nice. He greeted me when I walked in, always a good start. He said he would be there in a minute, he was frying up some fish. The fish, are cooked to order, so expect a wait. But they are worth it.

Northridge Fish and Chips is a no frills restaurant. The fish is served on paper plates. There is nothing fancy about it. But the fish and chips and service was so much better the fish and chips at Henry's Hat, and for a hell of a lot, less money!!!

I would go back to Northridge Fish and Chips anytime. Good quality fish, good prices and good service.