Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Numero Uno Pizza Pasta & More

Numero Uno Pizza Pasta & More
3562 E Foothill Blvd

Update June 3, 2010. Thanks to a reader JH's comment, I got Numero Uno confused with Pizzeria Uno. Pizzeria Uno is a Chicago legend. Many claim Pizzeria Uno has the best deep dish pizza. Numero Uno Pizza is a different company.

Across Foothill Blvd, from Panera Bakery, is Numero Uno Pizza. I know it's a chain but I wanted to try it. When I reviewed Panera Bakery, I also didn't realize it was also a chain. I really do hate feeding the chains. But I wanted to try Numero Uno for a long time.

I printed out a coupon for a large one topping, pepperoni, "deep dish" pizza and chicken wings, $16.41. The coupon is good for delivery or take out, only.

Eight spicy wings came in an order. The wings were baked, they are not deep fried. Pretty spicy but nothing overwhelming. But there was a lot of batter on the wings but very little meat on the bones. The meat was pretty moist and tender. But I didn't like the texture of the skins. They need to be deep fried.

I always thought Numero Uno pizza was a Chicago style deep dish pizza place but this isn't anything close to real deep dish pizza. This pizza is really a pizza cooked in a pan and passed off as deep dish. There wasn't much sauce on the pizza, making it dry because of the crust. Now I did like the crust, which had a sweet flavor and a nice crisp texture. But it was so dry. There was a good amount of pepperoni and just tons of cheese. It just needed more sauce.

For what it is, a pan pizza, it's not that bad. But I wouldn't go back to Numero Uno.

Service was very good. Nice friendly people. The first person who saw me standing at the counter, greeted me and said "I'll be right with you." About a minute later somebody else helped me and he was nice.

While the pizza or the wings aren't for me, I came away with a positive feeling about this Numero Uno. A simple greeting, something that doesn't happen, can got a long way. Just say "Hi" to a customer, it does wonders!!