Sunday, May 30, 2010

Downtown BBQ Company-Closed

Downtown BBQ Company
11045 Downey Ave.

On my way to Bob's Big Boy Broiler, I saw Downtown BBQ Company. But I wasn't sure if it was opened, the restaurant looked closed. But a quick search online, led me to a phone number and they are in fact opened. Sadly, though, that is the last good thing about Downtown BBQ Company.

When you combine bad service and overcooked BBQ, you get a bad BBQ experience.

I got the half rack of pork ribs, $10.95, with mac and cheese and onion rings. The ribs had no smoke ring or smoke flavor. These are the same type of ribs that you get from Chili's. But they were chewy, dry, tough, and fatty. Not good at all. These ribs were either cooked in an oven or under high heat on a grill. Either way, that is not real BBQ.

The BBQ sauce was pretty good, a sweeter tomato based sauce. But really nothing can save badly cooked ribs. The server wasn't helpful, I never heard the words "Thank you" and she was too busy talking to the other server. No wonder the restaurant is empty.

The mac and cheese was served cold, barely had any cheese, and lacked any seasoning. The onion rings were so salty and cold!!

Service was bad. When I walked in, a man was picking up his order and left. So I was the only customer in the restaurant.

I would never go back to this terrible BBQ restaurant again.