Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cowboy's Steakhouse-Moved

Cowboy's Steakhouse
227 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel

The first Taiwanese steakhouse, I reviewed was Four Seasons Steak House, in Rowland Heights. I really like Four Seasons and will compare all Taiwanese steakhouses, to Four Seasons.

After going to Mei Long Village, I walked around for awhile and noticed Cowboy's Steakhouse. I wanted to give them a try and see how they compared.

So I decided to give Cowboy's a try, on June, 5, 2010. People need to remember June 5, 1989. That was the day an ordinary man, made an extraordinary show of courage. Tank Man.

I ordered the New York steakhouse, $12.45, medium rare, that comes with soup, salad, garlic bread, rice, and mushroom sauce.

Soup is a standard soup, made with corn starch, some corn, and a very bland broth. It was served warm, not hot.

Salad with a 1000 island dressing and iceberg lettuce. Fresh, crisp and served chilled.

Garlic bread/toast. Actually, not too bad. I did like this, nice garlic flavor. But it would have been better if served hot.

I ordered my steak medium rare. The server said our medium rare is bloody. I said that would be fine. When the steak came to my table it looked great on the outside, with a nice crust. But when I cut into the steak, I saw red, red, and more red. This is not medium rare, this is rare. But, since I agreed to their version of medium rare, I can't really complain.

This steak was very bland, they must not have put any salt on this steak. It lacked flavor, with lots of gristle and fat. This is a very low quality steak. It was so bland and flavorless, I had to add A-1 steaksauce and I never add steaksauce to a good steak.

Service is good. Nice, friendly servers who get the food out quickly.

I would not go back to Cowboy's again. The quality of the steaks are not that high and the steak just lacks seasoning and flavor.