Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four Seasons Steak House

Four Seasons Steak House
18457 E Colima Rd
Ste H
Rowland Heights

WOW, what a surprise. I heard about Four Seasons Steak House from a friend who said they have good steaks at good prices. I was a bit surprised it was in the same plaza as Newport Seafood. Four Seasons is in the food court area of this Pacific Plaza. The steaks are a Taiwanese style steak, where they come out sizzling on a cast iron plate. This reminds me of the Romantic Steakhouse in San Gabriel.

I got the sauteed rib eye steak, $11.95, topped with a mushroom sauce and served with your choice of rice or spaghetti and an egg. Yes, that is the correct price and yes there is an egg. I was surprised when I got a salad and corn soup. The salad was just iceberg lettuce topped with thousand island. The lettuce was fresh and the thousand island dressing comes cloest to McDonald's Big Mac sauce. The corn soup was a corn starch thicken broth with some corn. Nothing great but hot, which is always good for soup.

The rib eye came out on a cast iron skillet, sizzling like crazy!!! I turned over the egg quickly since I hate sunny side up eggs. The egg was an interesting addition to the steak. I didn't eat much of the egg but then again I was there for the steak. The steak was pretty good, great if you consider the low price. Hey look it is not dry aged prime beef. It is select, which mean it will be less tender and flavorful. But it was still a well cooked piece of meat. I asked for and got medium rare. The mushroom sauce had a tomato taste to it. I wasn't that impressed with the sauce, next time I will ask for black pepper. But the steak had good flavor was pretty tender and moist. I may try their filet or the New York steak next time.

Service is pretty good. This is a family run restaurant and the owner and her son were nice. The food came out quickly.

I was impressive with the quality and prices of the steaks at Four Seasons Steakhouse. I would go back!!

Update Nov 13, 2009.

I was so impressed with Four Seasons Steak House that I went back there the next day. I went for lunch and at lunch all the steaks are about a $1 off but you do not get a salad. I got a medium rare, New York steak for $10.70 with the pepper sauce.

The pepper sauce was better than the mushroom sauce. But I think next time, I'm just going to get no sauce.

The steak was a bit undercooked, too much redness for medium rare, it was closer to rare. But a flavorful and pretty tender steak. Again for the price you can't beat this.

Service again was good. I did find out they are closed on Tuesday and on weekends they serve their dinner menu the entire day.