Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pizza & Chicken Love Letter

Pizza & Chicken Love Letter
18333B Colima Road
Rowland Heights

My first experience with Korean fried chicken, was at Chicken Day. I wasn't really impressed so I haven't been back to any Korean fried chicken locations. But when I went to Feedable BBQ Buffet, I noticed Pizza & Chicken Love Letter. Love Letter is a well known Korean fried chicken place. Actually a The New Diner reader, told me about it. So it was late, I was hungry and I wanted something fast. So I decided to go to Love Letter.

Love Letter has five different flavors of wings, I split the 12 piece wings, with lemon pepper and buffalo flavors, $8.99. The wings are fried to order, which is always great. But the wings are a bit small.

The lemon pepper is very good. A more subtle lemon pepper than I'm used to, most lemon pepper wings are very powerful. The wings were fried just right, well fried, crispy and the inside was moist. I liked the subtle lemon pepper flavor.

The buffalo was OK, very mild. If you're expecting spicy, this isn't it. But again it was well fried, crispy and the inside was moist. The wings were also bigger than the lemon pepper wings.

Service was good. But for some reason, you can't split some flavors of wings, which is there way of making more money!!! I mean if you ordered a 6 piece wings of one flavor and another 6 piece of another flavor, they should as hell would serve that, right? But, of course you would pay more when ordering six pieces.

The chicken wings at Love Letter are pretty good. But there aren't anything great and could be bigger. I wouldn't go back to Love Letter.