Monday, March 08, 2010

Zuzu Chicken

Zuzu Chicken
1808 E Rt 66

The New Diner hasn't had much luck with the city of Glendora, most of the restaurants I've tried in Glendora, have closed!!

I found Zuzu Chicken while looking for a Hungry Howie's Pizza location in Glendora. Zuzu Chicken is in the same plaza as China King Buffet, which has closed!!

Chicken kebob plate, $7.49, with rice pilaf, salad, and hummus. The chicken, all dark meat, was nice and flavorful and well cooked. The spices were a mild flavor, nothing overpowering. I thought for the price, you got a good amount of chicken.

But what I didn't like was the small portion of the rice. It mean a few ounces of rice for all that chicken, come on now. What little rice was there, was good and flavorful.

The salad was fresh, with tomatoes and lettuce. The dressing was a combination of olive oil and blasamic vinegar, very tangy.

Chicken kebob wrap, $4.99, with tomatoes, lettuce, on Greek bread. This was pretty small too. The chicken was dark meat, just like the chicken from the chiken plate.
The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh. The garlic sauce was right on, just the right amount of garlic and not too spicy.

Service is good. A family run restaurant, the owners are nice friendly people.

I think the food is good at Zuzu but I think the prices are a bit high for the portions. What I thought was worse, they wanted $1 extra for white meat chicken.

I wouldn't rush back to Zuzu.