Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ragin Cajun Cafe-Closed

Ragin Cajun Cafe
422 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach

I had high hopes for Ragin Cajun Cafe. I heard they had some of the best Cajun food around. But I should have known that any place in snobby pretentious Hermosa Beach would be overrated. Bland isn't a word for Cajun food. Cajun food means lots of spices and flavors. I got nothing but bland food at Ragin Cajun.

Half and half shrimp: half fried shrimp and half shrimp etouffee, $14. The shrimp was very good. A light batter, which was crispy not crunchy covering a tender flavorful shrimp. I liked this and would have enjoyed this in a po boy but they do not server po boys during dinner time.

I didn't like the etouffee at all. So bland, I reached for the salt shaker and I never touch the salt shaker. The shrimp was nice and tender but everything else lacked flavor. Ok I've never had etouffee before but I've had Cajun and Cajun food is full of flavor. This etouffee had no flavor at all.

Service was below average. Yes it was a busy Saturday night but the service was slow; we didn't get refills for a long time, the server never bothered to come over and ask how everything was. Then my pet peeve the server asked "Do you need change?" Servers!!! Stop being lazy and the next time you take the cash for the bill, say "I will be right back with your change."

Average food and below average service means, I wouldn't bother going back to Ragin Cajun Cafe again.