Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Wok

Happy Wok
3160 North Garey Ave

The New Diner has visited many fast food style Chinese restaurants. Sure they aren't "real" Chinese food but many do offer good solid Americanized Chinese food. I have noticed that areas with a large Latino population have a lot of the fast food style Chinese restaurants.

I found Happy Wok while driving north on Garey Ave. I was hungry and wanted something fast.

I got the two item combo, with all chow mein and teriyaki chicken and Chinese BBQ pork, $6.20. I got the chow mein because the fried rice, looked as if it had been on the steam table for ten hours; dry, burnt, and just nasty looking.

The chow mein was barely acceptable. It was greasy, not that flavorful and hardly had anything in there, other than noodles. There were some cabbage and that's it. The noodles were cooked perfectly but just needed some flavor.

The Chinese BBQ pork was OK. Some pieces were a bit dry, since they were sitting on the steam table for too long and other pieces had a little too much fat on them.

The teriyaki chicken was a joke. They cooked up thin pieces of chicken, with half the chicken being skin, and then cooked and left on the steam table. The chicken was so bland and flavorless.

Service was good. The lady taking the order was nice and friendly.

I would not go to Happy Wok again.