Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mikey's Sports Bar-Closed

Mikey's Sports Bar
3159 Yorba Linda Blvd

Mikey's Sports Bar. If I'm not mistaken Mikey's used to be a pizza place and they expanded and became a sports bar. I went to Mikey's awhile ago and had a sandwich and I thought it was pretty good. I saw they had a special on their NY pizza, 2 for $14.95, so I decided to give Mikey's another try. As you walk into Mikey's, you are greeted with a "What do you want?" sign in the window.

I got the sausage pizza. This isn't true NY pizza. The dough is much thicker than good NY pizza. The dough was more bread like than the crispy NY pizza. But it comes close enough and the price is right. The sauce was just a mild flavor sauce, there was nothing special about the sauce at all. The sausage was ok but the certainly could have put more on the pizza. The pizza is 18 inches and I doubt there were more than 8oz of sausage on the pizza, some slices only had two or three pieces of sausage.

The second pizza was topped with mushrooms. This pizza was very wattery. Which gives me the idea that the mushrooms were frozen!! In contrast to the sausage pizza, there was a ton of mushrooms on this pizza. The same crust and sauce. But I'm not a fan of the mushrooms. Too salty, too mushy and just plain bad.

Service was below average. There are actually two entrances for Mikey's, one a sports bar at the corner, and the regular restaurant a few doors down. I went into the restaurant part and the lady there told me, I could order a pizza on the other sports bar side. I go the sports bar side and the bartender is busy and I didn't get help until I was standing there for five minutes. There was somebody who worked in the kitchen and he just ignored me. The bartender was nice and everything but I shouldn't have had to wait that long for service.

The pizza at Mikey's is better than any chain pizza place, but that isn't saying it a great pizza. I think Mikey's pizza are a good value, two large, 18in pizzas for about $16, you can't beat that. I think the pizza are between 6-7 on a scale of 1-10.