Saturday, March 06, 2010

Willy's Smokehouse BBQ & Grill-Closed

Willy's Smokehouse BBQ & Grill
28434 Roadside Dr
Agoura Hills

Willy's is right next to the 101 freeway, you can see cars speeding by while you park. Honestly I didn't have high hopes for Willy's, I figured a Chili's type experience. But I was surprised, all the white people in Agoura Hills have a great BBQ restaurant.

I got a whole rack of baby back ribs, $17. I thought these baby backs were one of the best baby back ribs I've had!!! Nice smoke flavor, well cooked, a light sweet sauce, no fat, and a ton of meat. These ribs are smoked over real charcoal and smoked a long time. The use a good quality ribs.

I didn't care for their four bbq sauce. The regular BBQ sauce was too thick and had a sour taste. The sweet BBQ sauce was too sweet, not enough kick. The spicy and the real spicy BBQ sauces were just the regular sauce with a ton of chili mixed in.

Service was very good. The server, who had the entire restaurant was very friendly, attentive, and worked her butt off. I went to the restroom and they were out of handsoap. I told the server and they quickly refilled the handsoap and even checked to make sure there were enough paper towels! I know some idiots would rip a restaurant for not having hand soap, but what is the big deal about informing the restaurant? Should a restaurant check the restroom to make sure it is well stocked? Yes. But so what if they missed something. I have no issues if somebody ripped a restaurant, after telling the restaurant something was missing, and they still didn't take care of the issue.

I would go back to Willy's anytime.