Saturday, March 06, 2010

JV's BBQ & Grill-Closed

JV's BBQ & Grill
5659 Las Virgenes Rd

Calabasas, the land of lily white people. So of course the will think JV's is good BBQ. When really JV's is nothing but a fake BBQ place, just like Chili's.

I got the spare rib lunch, $9.25, with mac salad and fries. When the best thing about a BBQ restuarant is the fries, you know the BBQ sucks. The ribs were cooked in a oven and the finished on a grill. You see the results of oven cooking of ribs, the white meat!! Ribs should be pink, if you call it BBQ.

Service was bad. The guy taking my order is the owner's son. He was too busy with his Ipod to be helping people. He wasn't friendly, he was going through the motions and gave the impression he wanted to be somewhere else. He answered all questions in one word, if he could help it. Terrible.

I'll let the lily white people of Calabasas have JV's. There are much better real BBQ and oven cooked BBQ places in the area.