Friday, March 05, 2010

Hungry Howie's Pizza

Hungry Howie's Pizza
1100 East Huntington Blvd

I heard that there was another Sonic, besides the Anaheim location, in the area and wanted to go there to try it. But next door to Sonic, I found Hungry Howie's Pizza.

I first had Howie's Pizza at a party and I thought it was pretty good pizza. I thought it was a mom and pop type pizza place but it is a national chain, with over 500 restaurants.

They have a special, $6.99, for a large one topping pizza with any flavored crust. SO I got a ham pizza with ranch flavor crust. The ham was sliced into very small pieces, I like that better than the bigger pieces of ham that other pizza places use. But Howie's could have put more ham on the pizza. They did use a good amount of cheese. I like cheese to be cooked until you see a little brown on them. Howie's cooked the cheese just right. The sauce was a mild, sweet flavored sauce. The crust was a medium crust. The flavored is just seasoning sprinkled onto the crust. The ranch was OK, I don't think I would order ranch again. But I do like the flavored crust idea.

Service was very good. The kid, he must be a HS kid, was nice and helpful.

I think Hungry Howie's is much better than the more well known pizza chains. If there was a Howie's closer to me, I would order from Howie's before ordering from those chains. I would have no problems going back to Hungry Howie's.