Thursday, March 04, 2010

Original Buffalo Wings-Closed

Original Buffalo Wings
2750 Alton Parkway, Suite 131

A loyal The New Diner reader, is a Yelper. Now I normally think of Yelpers as idiots. Most are punk kids who have no clue the meaning of good food. But I know how popular Yelp is. Even some of my favorite bloggers have gone to the dark side and became Yelpers!!! Come back to the good side, people!!!

But this certain Yelper was very nice and helpful in regards to Korean BBQ. Telling me more about and how to eat Korean BBQ. I looked at her Yelp reviews and I found her glowing reviews of Original Buffalo Wings and since I love chicken wings, figured I would go try it. The only problem with her is that she is from Northern California and cheered for that cheater, Barry Bonds.

Original Buffalo Wings is located in a corner shopping center and there must be another 30 restaurants in the same complex.

I got the 13 wings, $8.95 and split them with lemon pepper and original spicy. There was no charge for a split flavors and 13 is the least amount of wings you can order to split flavors.

Honestly I thought these wings were very small. These wings need to be like Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire and take some steroids. Man were they small. But they were very flavorful and hot as hell since they came right out of the fryer. Crispy, a bit spicy but could have used more seasoning.

As with the lemon pepper wings, I didn't like the size of the wings. But I loved the sauce. Tangy, flavorful, just the right spice. Awesome. I dipped the lemon pepper wings in the leftover buffalo sauce!! This is among the best buffalo wing's sauce I've ever had. If you combined the size of the wings from Guppy House with the wings sauce here, you would have a great chicken wing. Interesting that there is another location of Guppy House right across the parking lot.

Service was very good. The young lady who took my order was nice and friendly. And man, was she hot!! The best thing is, she doesn't realize just how hot she is!! No attitude, just a real down to earth young woman, who is a very nice person and hot as hell.

I wouldn't rush back to Original Buffalo Wings but I would rush back to see that hottie, who took my order. No, just kidding.