Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guppy Teahouse

Guppy Teahouse
11688 South St

In cities with large Chinese and Taiwanese population, you've seen them; the tea and coffee houses. Guppy Teahouse does serve tea and coffee but has other food items.

I wanted a snack and got the jumbo chicken wings, $7.99. There were naked wings, meaning no hot sauce on the wings. They gave you a hot, Buffalo wing style sauce to dip the wings in and ranch dressing. The wings were huge and fried just right!! This ranks up there, with the best chicken wings, I've ever had. Huge, juicy, and fried just right; so crispy on the outside and juicy, tender, and meaty on the inside. The Buffalo wing sauce was a mixture of tabsaco and hot sauce, with a lot of vinegar, pretty good.

Service was good. Nice friendly staff.

Guppy Teahouse is very popular and can get crowded. I thought the wings were among the best I've had. So I would go back and maybe try some of their other appetizer type foods and even their Chinese food.