Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Palm- West Hollywood

The Palm
9001 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles

I have always wanted to try The Palm because I've heard great things about their steaks. The Palm had a special during DineLA, three course meal for $34, so I decided to go!! I'm not a fan of Dine LA because I think most of the restaurants mass produce the special meals and many times the food isn't freshly prepared and/or cooked.

The first course was a nice Iceberg Wedge Salad with Danish Blue Cheese Dressing and Applewood Smoked Bacon.

They quartered a head of iceberg lettuce and topped this with Danish blue cheese dressing and applewood smoked bacon. The lettuce was fresh and crispy. The blue cheese dressing was chilled and had a perfect blend of blue cheese. Great stuff. What wasn't so great was the bacon, which had been sitting under heat lamps forever. Cold, ok it is going on a salad, but you could tell it wasn't fresh.

Another thing that wasn't freshly made was the fried onions. I guess every table got the fried onions because I didn't order them. But man they were cold, soggy, greasy and just plain bad. So what if this was free. If a restaurant wants to make a good impression, they need to make sure all their food is fresh.

But I came to The Plam for the 9oz Filet Mignon over Wild Mushroom Ragout. I asked for a medium rare steak and got it. But as with most DineLA dinners, the food is quickly prepared and then sitting around heating lamps. The steak was very tender and flavorful but served about luke warm. I know steaks have to rest for about 15 minutes before being sliced but this steak must have been resting for at least 30 minutes.

The wild mushroom ragout was served hot and maybe it kept the steak warm!!!

I did enjoy the steak but I don't think the steak is worth their regular $45 price.

Dessert was Key Lime Pie and it was great. I loved the subtle citrus flavor and creaminess of the pie. The crust was flakely and wonderful.

Service was below average. The server wasn't always around and didn't even come by to ask how the food was. When he was at the table he was friendly and helpful.

I wasn't overwhelmed by The Palm, it didn't live up to my expectations. I would have been upset if I had to pay the high prices on their regular menu. There is no need for me to go back to The Palm.