Monday, June 01, 2009

Territory BBQ-Closed

Territory BBQ
534 N. Hoover St

Strike three for BBQ this weekend. Glencrest BBQ, Bondi BBQ, and now Territory BBQ have all struck out. Three BBQ places that I have never been to and will never go again!!

Territory got a huge write up in the LA Times. The person who reviewed Territory doesn't know anything about BBQ.

Territory does smoke their meats but they have no idea how to smoke their meats. I got a rib dinner, $15, with double mac and cheese. The ribs are baby backs, terrible choice, and were dry and was just overpowered with smoke flavor. I do like smoke flavor but the smoke flavor should not overpower the meat. They need to close the vents on their smoker because too much smoke is getting to the meat.

The mac and cheese was terrible. The macaroni was undecooked and not even hot. The cheese was like Velveeta. I mean I can do that at home, I don't go to a restaurant to get things I can make at home.

The best thing about Territory BBQ is that they offer free frozen pops!!!! I took two, one green and one blue pop!!!

Service is OK.

There is no reason for me to got Territory BBQ again. Overpriced, terrible BBQ. Why even bother?