Saturday, May 30, 2009

Glencrest BBQ-Closed

Glencrest BBQ
1146 Abbott Kinney Blvd

Glencrest BBQ is among the worst BBQ places I have ever been to. The meats are kind of smoked. But they sit around in the frig forever and then microwaved and then served. This is not how a BBQ restaurant should do things. At best ribs have a one day shelf life in the frig. Any longer and the ribs are bad.

I got the ribs dinner, $9 with double mac and cheese. I actually saw the guy take the ribs out of the frig and microwave them and then dump a store bought container of BBQ sauce on the ribs!!! The ribs were very chewy and had little flavor because they had been in the frig for so damn long. Not a good example of ribs.

Service is OK but it takes forever to get your food. Again everything is stored in the frig and then reheated. I saw what they called pulled pork, because reheated in a pan on the stove. The "pulled" pork was actually sliced!!!

I would not go back to Glencrest BBQ ever again. Besides the fact the food is terrible, it is in the pretentious neighborhood of Venice.