Monday, May 25, 2009

Western Smoke House-Closed

Western Smoke House
10640 Woodbine St
# 104
Los Angeles

Western Smoke House has been on my list to try for over three months. I am rarely in that area and when I am, I will usually going somewhere else. But today I decided to go try it. I'm glad I did. Western Smoke House is a Texas style BBQ. But unlike many Texas BBQ places, they know how to BBQ pork ribs.

I got the pork ribs, $13.99, a la carte. They have a pork rib dinner for $19.99 but I don't need to be eating cole slaw or mac salad. While the ribs were a bit dry, I'm guessing they have been in the warmer a bit too long, they were very good. You will notice a nice bark and the classic smoke ring. They are smoked right. The ribs are tender and flavorful from the mesquite wood. But they aren't overpowered by the smoke.

If you go in a group, get the Texan, where you get one slab of pork ribs, and three other meats for $60!!!! The three ladies at the other table ordered the Texan and the brisket and fried chicken looked awesome.

Service is Ok. The owner is very nice, super nice. But service can be slow. I didn't get my drink and had to remind her of it. And it took awhile for the ribs to come out. Not sure why, there were only three other people there.

I would go back to Western Smoke House again. The ribs were good enough, in spite of the dryness, that I'm sure a fresh batch of ribs from the smoker would be great. The slightly higher prices for the ribs would prevent me from coming back.