Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bondi BBQ-Closed

Bondi BBQ
46 Windward Ave
Venice, CA

After the diaster at Glencrest BBQ, I walked down to Bondi BBQ, which bills itself as Austrailian BBQ. This isn't true, real BBQ. They do not smoke their meats but to their credit they do not bill themselves as a real BBQ place. Their menu even says their meats come right off the grill.

I got the Double Trouble, $13.95, with 2 beef ribs, 3 baby back ribs and cole slaw.
Right away I could tell this wasn't going to be good either. The ribs were drowned in a BBQ sauce that was so sweet, I thought I was eating syrup. The baby backs were pretty tender but then again they are babybacks. There was no smoke flavor at all so the sweet BBQ sauce made up for it.

The beef ribs were kind of fatty with a lot of gristle and very little meat. They again were drowned in BBQ sauce. I wasn't impressed at all.

A wasted day of trying BBQ places I haven't been to. To make matters worse it was spent in Venice, which is filled with pretentious asshole people.