Thursday, June 04, 2009


327 E 1st St
Los Angeles

Daikokuya is a ramen place but I'm not a big fan of Ramen, notice there aren't many reviews of ramen place on The New Diner. But after some drinks at The Edison, one of the best bars in downtown LA, I went to Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. Daikokuya is the first restaurant in Little Tokyo that I have been to in over 25 years. Litle Tokyo has and is undergoing a huge transformation. Many shops are either closing or being taken over by Korean companies and/or Korean owners.

I looked at the menu and was thinking of ordering the ramen, but the tempura bowl looked so good, I couldn't pass it up. The tempura bowl, $8.25 has three pieces of shrimp and four pieces of veggies, green beans, sweet potato, and onions served with rice, salad and miso soup. I don't touch miso soup, it is too salty and has a weird texture for me. But the salad was great. Also a cole slaw with finely chopped cabbage and a tangy, almost thousand island dressing. Very fresh and tasty.

The tempura wasn't want I expect tempura to be. The tempura was soggy!!! Tempura should be crunchy!!!!! All the tempura pieces were so soggy!!! I think the tempura was topped with some kind of sweet seasame sauce because I got that flavor on the rice and the tempura. I did like the rice, which was sushi rice, if I'm not mistaken.

Service was good but they again asked "Do you need change?" I hate that. It is very rude. Just say I'll be back with your change. Don't ask if I need change. It is your job to get me change.

I wouldn't go back to Daikokuya again and not because of they asked, "If I need change?" I know it was a ramen place but their tempura bowl was bad and even though the portion is big and the price is good, the food just isn't that good. Tempura should be crunchy!!