Friday, June 05, 2009


June 5, 2009. 20 years ago, the entire world saw one of the most bravest acts ever capured on TV or film, The Tank Man. One brave man stopped a column of tanks to protest the savage killing and beating of innocent people at Tiananmen Square. To this day nobody knows who Tank Man was. Nobody knows what happened to him. But on that June 5, 1989 day, the entire world knew about Tank Man. Time Magazine listed Tank Man, they actually listed him as the Unknown Rebel, as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. After he stopped the column of tanks, he climbed up onto the tank and told them that his city is in choas and to get out of his city!!!

One simple act can change the entire world. Many people from the former Soviet blocked nations said they drew inspiration from the picture you see above. I wish I could be as brave as Tank Man. 6 and 5, equals 11. Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets wears #11. His silent protest??

To this day the Chinese government does not acknowledge the fact they ordered the killing of so many innocent people. To this day the Chinese government bans any mention of Tiananmen Square. To this day companies like Google and Yahoo, whore themselves and follows the Chinese government ban about Tiananmen Square. Try searching Tiananmen Square in China. You will get nothing. The Chinese government even increased security around Tiananmen Square today to prevent anybody from remembering that day. So today to honor Tank Man, I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

1639 S Azusa Ave
Hacienda Heights

Earthen is a few doors down from West Coast Seafood Buffet.

Pork dumplings, $6.25. Pretty bland pork inside and the wonton wrapper was a bit tough and chewy, cooked just short of ah dente.

House Special chicken, $7.95. I wasn't expecting a cold dish but this was a very good dish. The chicken is served cold, on top of cucumbers in a spicy soy sauce. The chicken is very tender and full of flavor. The spiciness doesn't hit you right away but slowly comes one. A very good dish.

Black mushrooms with veggies, $8.25. I loved this dish, though the sauce used was a bit oily. The mushrooms had a wonderful flavor, a burst of flavor in your mouth. The veggies are baby bochoy and were crispy and fresh.

Fried shrimp with hot garlic sauce, $15.95. This dish is a combination of sweet and sour shrimp and kung pao shrimp. The shrimp is fried, then topped with a spicy garlic sauce. There were a ton of chili leaves in the dish that gave the shrimp flavor. The shrimp wasn't as fresh as it could be, but this was a good dish. At first I thought this was a bit pricey but the portion was huge and it is worth the price.

Shrimp chow mein, $7.25. A nice example of chow mein that is topped with shrimp, bean sprouts, and cabbage. The noodles were soft and well cooked. The dish was nicely seasoned. Nice sized portion too.

Service is good. But this is cash only and I'm not a fan of places like that.

I would go back to Earthen again. I like the food and even though some of the entree prices are a bit high, they food is very good.