Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill
1608 Foothill Blvd
La Verne

The Habit Burger Grill opened in Santa Barbara in 1969. They have gradually moved south to LA, opening locations in Woodland Hills and Glendale. The La Verne location is the further location east of LA.

I ordered the Double Char with cheese, $4.82. The burgers come with mayo, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted bun. The burger is fresh and the cheese was melted!!! Always a plus in my book. The burger is about the size of an In N Out burger. It was very good but has a more mild taste since they only put mayo on the burgers, not that tangy "secret sauce"

Service is good. The girl who took my order was nice and friendly.

This is a very good place but a bit overpriced. Almost $5 for basically a double-double at In N Out? You're better off going to In N Out but The Habit does make a damn good burger.

Update August 15, 2009.

Ok no picture because I ordered the samething, doublechar with cheese. $4.88. The burger was just the same as before. Good quality, fresh beef and fresh veggies.

What I didn't like was the service. I got my order to go but I decided to eat outside, since it was such a nice night but when I opened up my bag, the guy didn't put any napkins inside. I walked back in asked for napkins and all I got was attitude. What an idiot. It was his fault for not putting any napkins in the bag and he cops an attitude to me? Idiot.

While eating I noticed the girl at the other table, didn't get any napkins either. I saw her walk back in and up to the counter to get napkins that should already be there.

The Habit needs to improve the training of their employees. It should be second nature to put napkins in a to go order.

The burgers are still good but pricey, especially compared to In N Out. But service here sucks. I almost never get bad service at In N Out and I always get napkins when I get my order to go.

Update Oct 28, 2009

I went back to The Habit after watching Constant Choke lose in Game 1 of the 2009 World Series!!! Always love seeing the yankees lose!!!

Anyways I got the double char burger with lettuce wrap, $4.49 and an order of onion rings, $1.95.

The lettuce wrap char burger was the same as the last time I went. Good but not as good as the protein style from In N Out.

The onion rings were very good. They were just fried so that means fresh hot onion rings. The batter was a bit thick, I prefer less. But a nice crunch and nice sweet onions.

Service when I ordered was good. The young lady was nice and friendly and helpful. But when I was getting ketchup, while waiting for my order, the ketchup dispenser was almost out. The lady behind the counter said "Sorry we are out of ketchup." Well isn't it your job to refill the ketchup dispenser? Another example of terrible service a The Habit.

The Habit is an overpriced, bad service, fast food burger. I rarely have bad service at In N Out but the last times at The Habit I have experienced bad service. Why would I bother going back?