Sunday, April 30, 2006

In N Out Burger

I think everybody who lives in Southern California has been to and has enjoyed SOMETHING at In N Out Burger. I always get a double-double, protein style, with no onions. This is heaven on earth!!! Everything at In N Out is fresh. Fresh, never frozen beef, very fresh lettuce, tomatoe, and special dressing. Raw or grilled onions on request. So with everything fresh, there is no way to get a bad burger at In N Out.

The protein style burger takes a little to get used to. Instead of the bun, nice fresh pieces of lettuce cover the meat patties and cheese. It can get a little messy so bring tons of napkins. But it's so fresh and tasty you don't even feel guilty!!!

A couple interesting things about In N Out. The protein style is on their "secret" menu. It's not really a secret but you can have burgers many ways not listed on the regular menu.

Other secret menu items include:

3 x 3, which is three pieces of meat and three pieces of cheese. They will do a 4 x 4, 5 x5 etc.

Animal Style where the bun is grilled with mustard, sauteed onions instead of raw, pickles, extra "special sauce" Wish Burger, no meat.

Flying Dutchman-two meat patties and two slices of cheese, nothing else.

Well done fries, Animal style fries which is fries topped with sauteed onions, pickles, and extra "special sauce".

Neopolitan Shake-Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shake combined.

The Bible verses on the bottom of wrappers and cups are also an interesting thing.

Next time you go to In N Out check out the Bible verses.

I love In N Out burger and I will go there many times a year.