Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wing Nuts

Wing Nuts
3030 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa

Wings Nuts claims to liberate taste buds one wing at a time. Pictured is the Signature Wing Trios, Soutwest style with Tequlia Lime, Chipotle BBQ and Chile Garlic flavors, 4 wings of each flavor. The Trios come with regular or blue cheese coleslaw and propeller chips for $10.55.

The Tequila Lime has a nice tangy flavor. The Chile Garlic was my favorite. It had a nice kick at the end. The Chipolte BBQ is OK but not more spicy than mild. The wings are huge, much bigger than Wing Stop.

Wings come in 30 different flavors and come in 12, 20, 50, and 100 pieces. But when you order the 12 piece you only get ONE flavor, which is a stupid idea. The trios are a good idea.

Service was TERRIBLE. I placed a to go order. The hostess was very nice. She greeted me quickly, handed me a menu, and told me to place my order at the bar. The bartender was a female dog. RUDE, had a big ATTITUDE and just very unfriendly. When my order was ready she said "Here you go." No Thank you. No enjoy. She also forgot NAPKINS. Though I did get two wet naps.

The wings are good at Wing Nuts and maybe service would be better if I sat down and ate or if somebody else besides that female dog bartender was helping.

Wings Nut will open in Ontario sometime this summer. I may try it if I'm in the area. But I'm not happy with the idea you can only have one flavor when ordering 12 wings.