Sunday, February 15, 2009

Manna Korean BBQ Restaurant-Closed

Manna Korean BBQ Restaurant
3377 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles

Another all you can eat Korean BBQ. I've come to the conclusion that most Korean BBQ places are just OK. All serve the same meats, some use better quality meats and some use better marinades.

Manna is an interesting place. Most of the seating is in an outdoor patio. For $16.99 they serve all you can eat bacon, brisket, beef short rib, beef bulgogi, chicken and pork.

I thought the brisket was just too fatty, I cut away a lot of the fat and got a small amount of meat. The brisket isn't marinated and is pretty bland. Not impressed.

The bacon was also full of fat, unmarinated and bland. Not impressed.

Beef short rib was well marinated, in a sweet marinate and we very good. Maybe my favorite meat at dinner.

The beef buglogi was also good. Well marinated and not too fatty. My second favorite meat.

The chicken was all dark meat, not fatty but again pretty bland.

The pork was again pretty bland but not that fatty.

I don't eat any of the side dishes at Korean BBQ places. Most of them just don't appeal to me. I don't eat kim chee, I stay away from potatoes, I don't like spinach. I just usually get rice and dip the meats in soy sauce.

Service for a group of about 40 people was pretty good.

Of all the Korean BBQ place I've went to, I think Manna has the worst quality meats. Most were bland and fatty. I would not go back to Manna again.