Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scottie's Smokehouse-Closed

Scottie's Smokehouse
129 E. Collins Ave

While driving home from Tulsa Ribs, I saw a sign for Scottie's Smokehouse, so I had to drop in and see if this is a real BBQ place.

I ordered the Meat Combo A, $12.61. The combo included 2oz of brisket, 2 pork ribs, 1 andouille sausage, and two sides, double mac and cheese for me.

As readers of The New Diner knows, I usually only get ribs, but I wanted to get the combo. The piece of brisket you see in the picture was tender, was full of smoke flavor and when topped with their BBQ sauce, which is on the spicy side, was a great treat. But the piece of brisket under it, was tough, chewy and pretty bad.

The andouille was very good, with a nice snap and more on the mild side.

The ribs were damn good, St. Louis style spare ribs. But they confused me at first. They had a wonderful smoke smell but there was no pink at all. I'm not sure if they use liquid smoke or what, but the ribs were tender, flavorful, and had a ton of meat and little fat. A damn find example of what ribs should be like.

After dinner, I got the pulled pork sandwich, $6.20 on wheat bread. The pulled pork was tender and flavorful but again it confused me. Smoke flavor but no bark or pink. Not sure what the story is but either way Scottie's is a damn good BBQ place.

Service was good. There were three workers behind the counter and the guy taking orders was helpful. The owner came in later and was very nice and friendly. There are two tables and a counter that seats about four people. They also have seats outside but the scumbag smokers from the bar next door are smoking up a storm, so it's not comfortable to eat outside.

One thing to keep in mind, Thursday is Bike Night. They usually show up around 7pm. So it could be crowded at that time. But service is good and you will get your meal quickly.

I would go back to Scottie's again. Good food, reasonable prices and good service.