Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grecos New York Pizzeria

Grecos Pizza Pizzeria
6400 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles

I stopped by Greco's about a year ago. I remember at the time that the pizza sauce was very tangy and had lots of oregano and the crust was very hard, almost like a cracker. Greco's is a New York style pizza place. I judge every New York style pizza in LA to Village Pizzeria. Greco's couldn't hold Village Pizzeria's (Do a search for their review on The New Diner. I'm too lazy to create a link right now.) rolling pin.

Well I stopped by tonight and nothing has changed. I ordered a slice of pepperoni, $4.55. Now the slice is huge, almost as big as the slices at Village Pizzeria. But again the pizza sauce was very tangy and while they decreased the oregano, it wasn't tasty. The crust was exactly like a cracker, hard and crunchy. There wasn't enough cheese and the pepperoni was pretty bland. Not good for a New York style pizza. This is the type of pizza that kids are served during lunch at school.

Service was OK. The guy working behind the counter was in a hurry to kiss and hug his girlfriend, he didn't bother being behind the counter. When he finally got behind the counter, he was OK, nothing outstanding but nothing bad.

I would not go back to Greco's again. I can't believe it's still in business the pizza is so bad.