Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Auld Dubliner

The Auld Dubliner
2497 Park Ave

The Auld Dubliner is an Irish pub stuck in the middle of a new development Tustin, called The District. As with all Irish bars, it's filled with drunk idiots, below average bar food, and stupid people pretending to be Irish. Why anybody would want to be known as a drunk, moron, like all Irish are, I have no idea.

I ordered the small order of wings, $7.99. The wings were huge but I think they were baked and the sauce wasn't hot at all. The wings did have a lot of meat but I got too many of the wing part, I want more drummettes. The wings were about the same as Hooter's wings. One thing I did like is that the ranch dressing came in a wide bowl. It made it much easier to dip the wings it.

Service was pretty good. The server was nice and friendly and even though there was a big crowd, she got my food quickly.

I do not like going to Irish bars. Just too many drunk idiots around. You won't see me anywhere close to a Irish bar on St. Patty's day. But The Auld Dubliner is among the worst. The food is below average and just being around a bunch of drunk idiot micks isn't my idea of fun.