Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Centerfield Sports Bar

Centerfield Sports Bar
17296 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach

I came to Centerfield Sports Bar to see my BALTIMORE RAVENS get their asses kicked by the NY Giants. But I ate breakfast before the game so my review isn't a reaction to ass kicking my Ravens suffered.

I ordered the Full Court Breakfast, $7.99, three eggs over medium, bacon, hashbrowns, and wheat toast. The eggs were not over medium. They were overweasy. Now I'm not really that picky about my eggs. I do like overeasy but I prefer over medium, and I do know the difference. Over medium doesn't mean a running yolk. But the eggs were fresh and good, not salty at all. The bacon was chewy, which I like and it was big. I hate some size bacon. If their burgers are any good, this bacon would make a great topping. The hashbrowns were ok, but they were not hot, they were barely lukewarm.

I always ask for dry toast. I hate it when they just soak the toast in butter. So I usually keep it dry and make a sandwich out of the eggs and bacon. But either the server got the wrong order, maybe since the eggs were over easy, or she is just bad.

Service was below average. My server did not smile the first few times she saw me. She gave the attitude she didn't want to be there. My order was messed up and some of it was cold.

I would not go back to Centerfield again for the food. But for a sports bar there were some cool people there. Most times at sports bars you get jerk people. But when I walked in, wearing a Ravens shirt, somebody said Good Luck today. I then noticed his Giants cap he had on backwards and the NY logo. So I said Thanks, good luck to you guys too. Even the Traitor fans were cool. Loud but it's a damn game, so what's the big deal?