Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Larry's Pizza

Larry's Pizza
926 W Orangethorpe Ave

I went to Larry's Pizza in the mid 90's and wanted to see how good their pizza is now. I was surprised at the good quality and freshness of the pizza.

I ordered the Sicilian style pan pizza with pepperoni, $20.45. The dough was very soft and fresh. Good start. There was a lot of cheese and pepperoni and they were not greasy at all. The sauce was pretty good but they could have put a little more on the pizza. But overall a very good, solid pizza.

It isn't Crosby Pizza Stop but it's damn good for Orange County.

Service was good but when I got change they gave it in dimes. I ordered a Corona but they didn't have any limes. They said they just ran out. I told them, they should run next door to Food 4 Less and buy some limes.

Overall I liked the pizza at Larry's and would go back anytime. The square pan pizza was huge and filling and worth the price.