Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Crosby Pizza Stop

Crosby Pizza Stop
1731 Crosby Ave

Ok, I love NY style pizza. It's simple, no frills pizza. I haven't been to many NY pizza places but I can't imagine any place being better than Crosby Pizza Stop. I love this place.

The first picture is the silician pizza. The silician is a thicker crust pizza. I got the plain, just cheese pizza. It was wonderful. So much nice fresh cheese and a thick crust.

The second picture is a regular, plain pizza. As you can see the pizza is a thin crust pizza. It was filled with tons of fresh cheese and a great sauce. It's not greasy at all, if you blot the pizza, it won't be covered with grease as with other NY pizza places.

All slices at Crosby's are $2 which is a steal!!!

Another steal is the whole pie. Pictured is a half cheese and half sausage and pepperoni, for $20. This was just great. Lots of pepperoni and sausage and the fresh cheese. Just a GREAT pizza.

Service is great. The people are nice and friendly, even if they are Yankee fans.

I go back to Crosby Pizza every time I'm there. I love the place. The only thing I don't like about Crosby, is that it's in NY. I wish they were in LA.